Network Troubleshooting PT Activity

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It is important to know how to troubleshoot network connectivity issues. How to configure PCs to add them to the network? What tools can you use from the command prompt to test connectivity and check your network address settings? In order to test your skills, I created a Packet Tracer 6.1 activity in which you are the network administrator and you need to troubleshooting the network and answer some fundamental questions about the network. I have included the Packet Tracer activity file for you to download as well as the instructions below.

Instructions – Troubleshooting Activity

Troubleshooting Tasks
1. Fix PC1 and PC2 so they can reach the company website, and remote website
2. Fix Laptop0 so it can associate with Wireless Router0, and connect to the wireless network

Initech Admin
vty password: swingline
enable secret: cubicle

Answer the Following Questions
1. What is the network address of the green network?
2. What is the network address of the orange network?
3. What is the IP address of the Initech webserver?
4. What is the IP address of the Initech Nameserver?
5. What is the IP address of the Initech Mail Server?
Hint: what is the subdomain name of the mail server?
6. What is the IP address of the Webserver?
7. What is the SSID of Wireless Router0?
8. What is the wireless security key?
9. What is the IP address of the WAN interface on the Edge Router?

Network Troubleshooting PT Activity
Network Troubleshooting PT Activity


Click here to download the PT activity:
To open the file you will need Packet Tracer 6.1

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