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Lab – Research Laptop Drives (Answer Version)

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In this lab, you will use the internet or a local store to gather information about storage and optical drives for a laptop.

Answer Note: You may choose another laptop to research. The answers below are specific to the Lenovo P51s.

  1. Research the manufacturer specifications for the storage drive in the laptop. List the specifications in the table below:
    Drive Specifications Drive
    Form Factor 2.5”
    Type SSD
    Size (GB) 512 GB
    Port Type SATA
    Drive Speed 8 GB/s
  2. Shop around, and in the table below list the features and costs of two storage replacement storage drives for a laptop.
    Drive Specifications Replacement Drive #1 Replacement Drive #2
    Form Factor 2.5” 2.5”
    Type SSD SSD
    Size (GB) 2 TB 500 GB
    Manufacturer Crucial Crucial
    Port Type SATA SATA
    Retail Cost $289.99 $70
  3. In your research, did you find any reason to select a particular drive over another?
    Type your answers here.
    Answers will vary based on price, warranty, and preference.
  4. Is the new storage drive compatible with other components in the laptop? Why is this important?
    Type your answers here.
    Yes. If the drive does not have the same form factor, port, or power specifications then it will not function with the other components in the laptop.
  5. The laptop may or may not have an internal optical drive. Do a search for an internal and external optical drive. How do they compare in price and drive speed?
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    An internal optical drive is about $20 – $30 and an external USB optical drive is priced comparable to the internal optical.